The young entrepreneur Vanessa got her name “Tampon Duchess” when she started to share her tampon experiences on her personal blog with many ladies out there who are constantly troubled by the “periodic visits”. Besides constantly promoting and giving speeches, she single handedly went to Israel and imported the more modern and advanced tampons despite all the restrictions the government had. It is because of her persistence; Taiwanese women now have another option to battle the troublesome time of the month with confidence.

To understand the starting of KiraKira, you first have to understand the founder’s background. Vanessa majored in Education, and was the Chairman of the “Women’s Awareness Association” back in college. She recalls that the one most important thing she learnt was women’s self-awareness. She says, “It’s lets me understand that us females can be independent just like men, to a a woman who knows what she wants and get what she deserves, and creating happiness for other women”.

When she started using tampons, she felt that her life has dramatically changed. It was after using tampons, she could sleep in any position she wanted to, she could wear skirts when she’s shopping, she didn’t have to worry about odor or stuffiness. From then it was a life turning point. It felt as if her life has changed from gray to rainbow. She was happy everyday. So she wanted this for all females, in 2003 she started her e-news and blog on tampons, sharing information and knowledge with other users, it’s even until now there are new discussions on everyday. “Slowly but surely more and more are asking about tampons and thus gave me the idea of bringing it in to Taiwan so that more females can use this product!” she says. This is when she started contacting the world’s leading manufacturers, which is the Israeli company she is working with now.

The hard work Vanessa has done over the years resulted that Taiwanese women can now easily obtain tampons with applicator products at various distributors. All this time, she has been like a marathon runner, not being afraid of what lies ahead, hurdling obstacles, reaching for her goal of making Taiwanese women happier than ever.

She recalls: “When I was a kid, I wanted to make a change to this world. Until now I have taught many on tampon usage and changed many peoples lives, I realized this is what I wanted to do – let the girls be free from waiting for the cycle to be over, and to be able to have the freedom of wearing clothes they love, and hug the outdoors with a huge smile!”.

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Note 2. KiraKira means shinning and glittering in Japanese

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